Friday, February 24, 2012

Perpetual Winter Productions: Perpetual Winter February 2012

Though we've seen little true cold and only a virtual dusting of snow this year, musically the era has never been more frigid.  January and February are turning out to be great months for Black Metal and Doom, and of course, there's always loads of classics to keep it cold.  Great stuff in this month's "Perpetual Winter" with tracks from AstrofaesRigor SardonicousMutilation Rites (Bandcamp), EphelesFuneralBaptism and more.  Some FREE DOWNLOADS from Dead to Earth,Orwell (Bandcamp), and Bohemian Grove, and brand new tracks from Shroud of Despondency (Bandcamp), and a couple big international names.  For a more detailed description visit

Playlists from this point forward will only be available in the download from  Years ago I remember there being a rule, that is most likely still technically in effect, that you weren't supposed to show people exactly what was coming up on streaming radio.  I think that's a pretty cool rule really.  You can stream below by clicking "Play" on the embeded stream from Podomatic or download the podcast:

Perpetual Winter Productions Recommends the following labels and retailers.  Some of which have provided content for your listening pleasure:

Wormgear/Bindrune Distribution Profound Lore Records
Forbidden Records Nuclear War Now!
 Hell's Headbangers Records Abyss Records Candlelight Records
Red Stream

Clawhammer PR Earsplit