Monday, February 28, 2011

PWP Update: March 2011

Well, things have been going semi-decently the last couple months.  Though my output isn't quite as I would prefer, I decided that I don't want to release any shows that I'm not completely happy with the format.  Obviously, "Sucking the 70's" and "Blasphemosity" are pretty much set, this side of having to rip a whole shitload more movie samples (that quest will never end).  As time goes on I'm working on getting show openers and segment intros for my other shows.  Hopefully soon I'll have one for the "Mercyful Metal Onslaught" as I've already got a few solid shows tracked out.  I should have that done by the end of the month.

Monthly Installments:

Blasphemosity - Pure Blasphemy at a High Velocity - The first week of every month.
Sucking the 70's - Stoner Rock/Hard Rock/70's rock/Traditional-Doom - The 20th of every month.

Future Shows:

Mercyful Metal Onslaught - Traditional Metal/Thrash
Perpetual Winter - Atmospheric Black Metal/Atmospheric Extreme Doom
From the Depths - Death Metal-Extreme Death/Thrash-Some Blackened Metal

Though Perpetual Winter is the "flagship" show, and one of my favorites, it's most likely not going to be on a regular schedule.  The simple fact of the matter is, it's by far the least accessible show in the stable.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sucking the 70's February 2011

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This month on Perpetual Winter’s “Sucking the 70’s” it’s another O.G. Kush clam bake.  We have great tracks from well known acts like Witchcraft and Grand Magus, probably new names to you in Russia’s Widowland and the U.K.’s Iron Void, and one of the most crushing tracks in their discography in. some brand new Crowbar.

In this month’s “Sucking the 70’s Flashback” I somehow managed to unintentionally have the “other” of some big names.  I say unintentionally because I had decided to use the English Iron Maiden that formed in the late 1960’s, and the death of Gary Moore on February 6, 2011 inspired me to grab a track from, the should be classic, Skid Row’s 1970 full length “Skid” (This month’s show image is that album cover).  So Skid Row and Iron Maiden in the Flashback, but sounds you probably aren’t going to recognize.

So pack up the bowl, roll another spliff, and get ready for Bongzilla’s return to the 4:20 Smokedown.  It’s time for the haziest hour of music available on the net.  Radio done the old way (minus the FCC), we are modern Pirate Radio (Great Movie Highly Recommended to all rock fans).


Part I

Earthride (US-MD) - Fighting the Demons Inside of You - Vampire Circus -2005

Witchcraft (Swe) - Hey Doctor - The Alchemist - 2007
Barn Burner (Can) - Runnin' Reds - Bangers - 2010
Iron Void (U.K.) - Demon Drink - Spell of Ruin (EP) - 2010

4:20 Smokedown

Bongzilla (US-WI) - Trinity (Gigglebush) - Gateway - 2002
Acid Witch (US-MI) - Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown - Stoned - 2011

Part II

Sucking the 70's Flashback

Skid Row (Ireland) - An Awful Lot of Woman - Skid - 1970
Iron Maiden (formerly Bum) (U.K.) - God of Darkness - Maiden Voyage - 1970*
Grand Magus (Swe) - Northern Star - Hammer of the North - 2010

Part III

Devil's Harvest

Widowland (Rus) - Firehouse - Widowland - 2011 - Free Download!!!
Black Spiders (U.K.) - Stay Down - Sons of the North - 2011
Crowbar (US-LA) - Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth - Sever the Wicked Hand - 2011

Hour of 13 (US-NC) - Call to Satan - Hour of 13 - 2007

* I did find some information after I recorded the podcast to indicate that the Iron Maiden full length was released in 1970 on Gemini records.  This information and source, which could be incorrect but seems credible, are linked.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blasphemosity: February 2011

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Perpetual Winter Productions Presents:



Well folks, this is one of the more extreme 'casts you are going to get from Perpetual Winter Productions.  The best blackened tracks out there, all blazing, all face ripping, pure blasphemy at a high velocity.

I was discussing this show with someone who has already heard a CD version.  This person is being introduced to metal of this style (and in my opinion caliber) through these podcasts, and I realized how lucky he is to be able to do this.  I remember 10 years ago buying certain CDs and being disappointed because it was "that kind of (Black or Death) Metal."  It was early in my metal career and I had not become accustomed to listening to Metal with the open ear one must.  Now, if every album had ALL good tracks and no filler this really wouldn't be a problem.  That, of course, is not the case.  With shows like Blasphemosity you are just getting a solid mix of some of the BEST tracks of some extreme styles.  You don't have to wade through albums of filler, it's all good songs, and a great opportunity to tune your ear to listening to Metal.  It may seem pretentious, but sometimes the truth just does, when you open your ears to Extreme Metal you have opened your ears to all music (if you so choose).  Once you can separate a wall of sound in your mind then you can easily be looking at ALL music through a changed prism.

Anyway, either a Perpetual Winter (Atmospheric Black Metal & Extreme Doom) or my undecided Podcast coming up next week (I may just leave the 4th cast of the month open format because I have many shows and I just can't do them all regularly).  Of course, expect February's Sucking the 70's on 2/20.

Part I

Barathrum - The Blasphemer - Infernal

Nifelheim - Storm of the Reaper
Impiety - The Black Fuck
Perdition Temple - In the Name of a Newborn Tyrant

Part II

Urgehal - Death is Complete
Belphegor - Sado-Messiah

Part III

Semargle - Credo Sacrifice
Impaled Nazarene - The Plan
Negator - Alte Werte
Bloodrain - Iron Maiden

Part IV

Blasphemy - Blasphemy
Heresiarch Seminary - Funeral March of the Rats

Sargeist - Let the Devil In

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