Monday, February 28, 2011

PWP Update: March 2011

Well, things have been going semi-decently the last couple months.  Though my output isn't quite as I would prefer, I decided that I don't want to release any shows that I'm not completely happy with the format.  Obviously, "Sucking the 70's" and "Blasphemosity" are pretty much set, this side of having to rip a whole shitload more movie samples (that quest will never end).  As time goes on I'm working on getting show openers and segment intros for my other shows.  Hopefully soon I'll have one for the "Mercyful Metal Onslaught" as I've already got a few solid shows tracked out.  I should have that done by the end of the month.

Monthly Installments:

Blasphemosity - Pure Blasphemy at a High Velocity - The first week of every month.
Sucking the 70's - Stoner Rock/Hard Rock/70's rock/Traditional-Doom - The 20th of every month.

Future Shows:

Mercyful Metal Onslaught - Traditional Metal/Thrash
Perpetual Winter - Atmospheric Black Metal/Atmospheric Extreme Doom
From the Depths - Death Metal-Extreme Death/Thrash-Some Blackened Metal

Though Perpetual Winter is the "flagship" show, and one of my favorites, it's most likely not going to be on a regular schedule.  The simple fact of the matter is, it's by far the least accessible show in the stable.

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