Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest Top Strains 2011 (December)

It's a "Best of..." done the Perpetual Winter Productions way...

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest Top Strains 2011

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Corrections: Pretty sure, I said that I played the Premonition 13 song "Sources" instead of "Hard to Say," same voice track had me omit the word "Number" from the Red Fang track "Number 13," and "King Kenny All Day & Lazybody" last played in the 90's, but could have played together in the 70's.

Hour 1

Gates of Slumber (US-IN) - Bastards Born - The Wretch (CD) 12"

Red Fang (US-OR) - Number Thirteen - Murder the Mountains
Premonition 13 (US-CA) - Hard to Say - 13
Barn Burner (Can) - Skid Marks the Spot - Bangers II: Scum of the Earth

Sucking the 70's 4:20 Smokedown

Buffalo Witch (US-MI) - Black Witch - Buffalo Witch (Free DL)
Children of Doom (Fra) - Doom, Be Doomed or Fuck Off - Doom, Be Doomed or Fuck Off

Lord Vicar (Fin) - Sign of Osiris Slain - Signs of Osiris
Argus (US-MD) - A Curse on the World - Boldly Stride the Doomed
Orchid (US-CA) - Masters of it All - Capricorn

Hour 2

King Kenny All Day & Lazybody (US-MI) - I'm Not the Enemy - Party at Docs
We Hunt Buffalo (Can) - 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) - We Hunt Buffalo (Free DL)
Candlemass (Swe) - Don't Fear the Reaper - Don't Fear the Reaper (EP) (12/2010) (OOP)

Graveyard (Swe) - Ungrateful Are the Dead - Hisingen Blues
Danava (US-OR) - Riding Hood - Hemisphere of Shadows
Lord Stereo (Pol) - Organ Grinder - Lord Stereo
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (US-MI) - Center of a Velvet Room - Spectra Spirit (Free DL)

Blood Ceremony (Can) - Night of Augury - Living with the Ancients
The Devil's Blood (Hol) - On the Wings of Gloria - The Thousandfold Epicentre
Green & Woods (US-CA) - Devil's Plan - Devil's Plan (Good Question, not even up on Label Site)
Superchrist (US-IL) - Old, Fast and Hard (Live) - Burn Again

King Diamond (Dnk) - No Presents for Christmas - No Presents for Christmas (EP)


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Visit: for current streaming podcasts.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Perpetual Winter Productions: Perpetual Winter Solidified Permafrost Best of 2011

Some of the best Black Metal & Extreme Doom from 2011.  Honestly, narrowing down the Black Metal for this show was a pain in the ass.  Lots of great stuff this year, as usual visit the links to find GREAT places to buy this in North America.  The music should pretty much speak for itself Though I have on correction as I do reference Leviathan's "True Traitor, True Whore" not being on my year end list, when in fact it is.
Also, you'll notice at the top of the second hour that the Bethroned track is bolded in bigger text.  This is because G.D. from Bethroned was kind enough to send one of the final pre-release tracks from the upcoming "...Tragedy of War" full length.  You can be assured I'll keep you folks in the loop on when that comes out.

In the end, as usual the music should speak for itself.  Great Black Metal & Doom on Perpetual Winter: Solidified Permafrost Best of 2011.   Perpetual Winter the soundtrack to your darkness.

Download from Megaupload

Hour 1

Sorcier des Glaces (Can) - Deathlike Silence - The Puressence of Primitive Forests

Shroud of Despondency (US-WI) - Homo Homini Lupus - Dark Meditations in Monastic Seclusion
Aeternum Sacris (Jap) - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - (11-03-2011) (Demo)**
Thantifaxath (Can) - Violently Expanding Emptiness - Thantifaxath (EP)

Taake (Nor) - Nordbundet - Noregs Vaapen
Esoteric (U.K.) - Loss of Will - Paragon Dissonance
Fleshpress (Fin) - Copper Eye - Acid Mouth Strangulation
Petrychor (US-CA) - In Remembrance - Effigies and Epitaphs**

Hour 2

Bethroned (Cro) - Crossroad Between Life and Death - ...Tragedy of War - 2012 *
Loss (US-TN) - Conceptual Funeralism Unto the Final Act (of Being) - Despond
Alda (US-WA) - Tearing of the Weave - : tahoma : (Cassette)

Kroda (Ukr) - Schwarzpfad I (First Snow) - Schwarzpfad &
Ordog (Fin) - Human Shell - Remorse

Falls of Rauros (US-ME) - Banished - The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood

  *  Perpetual Winter Productions Special Exclusive Preview
**  This release is available as a legitimate free download at link.
 &   I could not find a suitable retailer for shipping to N. America.



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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck

Wow, 10 years.  It's sort of weird knowing exactly what you were doing 10 years earlier at certain hours. There was lots of talk about Chuck, learning for many of us, lots of Death, and definitely sadness.  We just hung out and listened to Death at a band house.  Of course, I did my tribute at the time on WUPX in Marquette, MI, but now knowing how green I was I could have never given proper tribute.  Today I'm able to do so.

Death's music alone set Chuck Schuldiner in the top tier of Metal. However, in an era where lyrics are often overlooked (I admit to doing this myself), you very often see talk of Chuck's incredible lyrics.  Place this as complementary to the revolutionary sounds coming from his guitars, and it should be pretty easy to see why Chuck Schuldiner is such a legend.  Its this lyrical prowess that lead to the title of this 'cast.  No Death song that has had more impact on me than "Flesh and the Power it Holds" from 1998's "The Sound of Perseverence."  That impact is heightened by the fact that Chuck's death was brought on by cancer.  When thinking about a title I wanted to try to play off a Death song, and "Sound and the Power it Holds" was the first idea that came to mind.  I think that title says it all.

This ‘cast is two hours of Death and Death covers.   I decided to not include any Control Denied simply because there is just so much Death material that has only barely seen the light of day.  Much of that material can also only be handled in smaller doses by some people because of the production values of these tracks, often, ripped from cassettes from 1984 to 1987.  I decided to take the opportunity to bring to light some of the absolutely great tracks that never made it out of Death’s demo era.  Not including Control Denied is not in any way meant as a slight to that material.

As I amend this entry on 12/15 (as the ‘cast started streaming on yesterday), I can say I that it was very cool to see tribute for Chuck coming from a lot of different folks into different kinds of Music, not just Metal.  Though I'm sure there were many rabid Deathcore fans rolling their eyes about the coverage of this anniversary (I did see someone post, then delete a comment about how Chuck wasn't as important as "The Rev"), I would hope that those who will remain heavy music fans for their lives would be able to come around to see how important Chuck was to the sound even bands like Suicide Silence, Avenged Sevenfold (well, early...), and Emmure play.

Seeing the other tributes to Chuck over the last weeks does my heart good.  It’s great to know that Chuck is not forgotten, for he shall never be.



Bear - PWP Founder


Perpetual Winter Productions presents the very special tribute podcast "Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck."  Chuck Schuldiner's influence was immense, immeasurable, and we lost him too soon.


We're going to pay tribute to "Evil" Chuck with two solid hours of Death; Death demos, Death covers, rare Death, and the most popular Death as well.  Featuring tracks from Pentacle, Incantation, Neurosis Inc, Incarnator and more.

Perpetual Winter Productions remembers the great Chuck Schuldiner with:

Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck

Hour I

Death (US-FL) - Flesh and the Power it Holds - The Sound of Perseverence - 1998

Death (US-FL) - Death By Metal - Death by Metal (Demo) - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Slaughterhouse (Live) - Live Tape #2 - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Poison (Live - Venom) - Live Tape #2 - 1985
Slaughter (Can) - Evil Dead - Fuck of Death - 2004 (Evil Chuck on Vox/Recorded 1986)

Hellwitch (US-FL) - Infernal Death - Omnipotent Convocation - 2008
Pentacle (Hol) - Witch of Hell - Anceint Death (EP) - 2001
Incantation (US-PA) - Scream Bloody Gore - Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish (EP) - 1997
Death (US-FL) - Mutilation - Scream Bloody Gore - 1987

Death (US-FL) - Living Monstrosity - Spiritual Healing - 1990
Commit Suicide (US-PA) - Open Casket - Misery Index/Commit Suicide Split - 2002
Lapida (Arg) - Lack of Comprehension - Mordiendo El Dolor (Homenaje A Death) - 2006

Hour II

Death (US-FL) - Archangel - Infernal Death (Demo) - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Land of No Return - Mutilation (Demo) - 1986
Death (US-FL) - Born Dead - Leprosy - 1988
Orlac (Esp) - Spiritual Healing - Forthcoming Death - 2000

Death (US-FL) - Vacant Planets - Human - 1991 (2011 Relapse re-issue)
Faeces (Pol) - The Philosopher - Severe Hypoxia - 2005
Immoralist (Rus) - Without Judgement - Progressive Demise 2008

Neurosis Inc. (Col) - Forgotten Past - Masters of Thrash - 2007
Fuck the Facts (Can) - Empty Words - Split with Sylvester Staline - 2002
Necropolis (Arg) - Spirit Crusher - Mordiendo El Dolor (Homenaje A Death) - 2006

Death (US-FL) - Individual Thought Patterns - Individual Thought Patterns - 1993

Death (US-FL) - Crystal Mountain - Live in L.A. (Death & Raw) - 2001

*Free Download

Perpetual Winter Productions recommends:

Many of which currently have great holiday specials going on to compliment their already low prices. 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blasphemosity: Smoldering Embers 2011 Round-Up

It's that time of year again, time for a bunch of "Best of..."   Though I can't say I recommend the entire album of everything in this show, there are no sleepers here.  This is two hours of Total Fuckin' Blasphemy.  It's the Blasphemosity Smoldering Embers 2011 Round-up.  I have the Perpetual Winter Solidified Permafrost 2011 open in another window so that'll be out soon as well.  Gonna be a busy month here at Perpetual Winter...

*I couldn't find a good place to get this in North America
@ This shit is fuckin' free, you should listen and support.


Download from Fileserve Megaupload

Hour 1

Absu (US-TX) - Earth Ripper - Abzu

Flame (Fin) - Destructive Saint - March Into Firelands
Ravencult (Grc) - Possessed on Burial Ground - Morbid Blood
Mhorgl (Oz) -  Black Wolf Militia - Heresiarch*

Einheuser (US-MI) - Smash the Altar - Einheuser @
Belphegor (Aut) - Angeli Mortis De Profundis - Blood Magick Necromance
Noctem (Esp) - The Arrival of the False Gods - Oblivion
Aurora Borealis (US-MD) - Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Time - Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything @

Antediluvian (Can) - ...Through the Cervix of Hawaah - Through the Cervix of Hawaah
Hidden (US) - Dead Land Energy - Dead Land Energy
Zemial (Grc) - In The Arms of Hades - Dusk (EP)

Glorior Belli (Ita) - Chaos Manifested - The Great Southern Darkness

Hour 2

Tsjuder (Nor) - The Daemon Throne - Legion Helvete
Hades Archer (Chl) - Religion, Prostitution - For The Diabolical Ages*
Mongrel's Cross (Oz) - Whoresanna - Whoresanna (EP)
Plaag (Bel) - Christmas Time (The Birth of a Retarded Child) - Ugh! @

Craft (Swe) - I Want to Commit Murder - Void
North (Pol) - Warrior's Prayer - Awaiting the Storm
Anaal Nathrakh (UK) - Paragon Pariah - Passion

Blasphemophagher (Ita) - Ritual of Disintegration - The III: Command of the Absolute Chaos ($5)
Morgue (Can) - Hordes of Lions - Dethroned*
Torturer (Ukr) - The Symbol of Indifference - Infinity of Illusions*

Raven Woods (Tur) - Enfeebling the Throne - Enfeebling the Throne
Spearhead (UK) - Prey to the Conqueror - Theomachia

Persecutor (Pol) - Possessed by Speed - Bestial Overkill

Download from Fileserve Megaupload

Monday, November 14, 2011

Perpetual Winter Productions: Perpetual Winter November 2011: Finland/United States

Another week, and I decided to just say fuck it, expect the 'casts on Mondays.  Monday works anyway, especially if I get any pre-release tracks and the timing works out to play a day before the release.  As usual lots of good Black Metal and Atmospheric Dooom, this time all from Finland or the States.  I feel a real affinity with my Scandinavian heritage, so it's just great that Finland, Sweden and Norway are all hotbeds for metal (yes, I know Finland is not technically Scandinavia).

This month will see the introduction of Perpetual Winter's new music segment "The Spreading Permafrost."  I don't have an opener for it yet, but that will be coming in the future (still looking for good movie samples about frost/cold/etc).   I also returned to using wind samples as talk over.  So without further ado Perpetual Winter November 2011: Finland/United States:

Download from Megaupload, Rapidshare (Much Improved)

Hour 1

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) - Fist of the Northern Destroyer - Fist of the Northern Destroyer*

A Transylvanian Funeral (US-AZ) - Premonitions- The Outsider* (Band Submission)
Evoken (US-NJ) - Tending Dire Hatred - Quietus*
Anu (US-NC) - Nachtmusik - Opus Funaerum*

Catacombs (US-AZ) - In the Depths of R'lyeh - In the Depths of R'lyeh*
Judas Iscariot (US-Ger) - In the Valley of Death, I am Their King - To Embrace Corpses Bleeding*
Goatmoon (Fin) - Immortal's Winter - Finnish Steel Storm
Skepticism (Fin) - Aether - Lead and Aether*

Hour 2

The Spreading Permafrost

Oranssi Pazuzu (Fin) - Komeetta - Kosmonument
Seidr (US-KY) - The Night Sky and the Wild Hunt - For Winter Fire**
Negative Plane (US-NY) - Angels Veiled of Bone - Stained Glass Revelations**

Beherit (Fin) - Pimyden Henki (Spirit of Darkness) - Engram
Krieg (US-NJ) - Calamity from the Skies - Rise of the Imperial Hordes (OOP)
Blood Red Fog (Fin) - Bleak Waters - Because its Wrong*

Shape of Despair (Fin) - ...To Live For My Death... - Angels of Distress

As usual:
Click on band name for a legitimate way to check out more of their music (if available).
Click on album name for a recommended place to purchase albums in North America.
      *Recommended Distro
      **Label of Release

Download includes separate folder with links to recommended distros/labels.

Next month's Perpetual Winter will be all 2011 releases as the year is coming to an end, including a special exclusive track from Croatia's Bethroned!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blasphemosity: November 2011 - Praise the Goat!/Smoldering Embers

An hour of Goat Worship and an hour of new shit, what more can ya ask for?  As usual links below to bands Facebook/Myspace Pages & Albums are labels or just good places to purchase physical copies.  Support Independent Music.

Download in 320 CBRMegaupload - Rapidshare

Hour 1 - Praise the Goat!

Impaled Nazarene (Fin) - Goat Perversion (Live) - Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces

Belphegor (Aut) - The Goatreich-Fleshcult - The Goatreich - Fleshcult
Necrophobic (Swe) - Celebration of the Goat - Death to All
Ered (Esp) - Goatworshipping Metal - Goatworshipping Metal (only $8)

Zygoatsis (Tha) - Evoke the Goatphomet - S.K.U.D.*
Nachzerher (US-MA) - Black Order of the Goat - Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows (EP)*
Antichrist (Can) - Severed Goat's Head - Sacrament of Blood
Necroblood (Esp) - Goat Celebration - The Rite of Evil (Demo)*

Blood Vengeance (Ger) - Blow the Goat - End of All (Demo)**
Goat Funeral (Ger)- Goat - Fuck - Perversion - Bastion Lucifer*
Vortex of End (Fra) - Necrogoat Domination - In Satan and Plutonium We Trust*

Bohemian Grove (Grc) - Praise the Goat - Age of Retrogression (Free Download)

Hour 2 - Extended Smoldering Embers

Hot Graves (US-FL) - Worship the Goat - Knights of White Phosphorus (only $8)

The Furor (Oz) - Rebirth Mark - War Upon Worship*
Assault (Swe) - Angels of Death - Calling You - Closer to Eternal Life*
Aurora Borealis (US-MD) - The Only Space Race That Matters - Timeline**

Necros Christos (Ita) - Necronmantique Nun - Doom of the Occult
Shub Niggurath (Mex) - Son of Primordial Chaos - A Deadly Call from the Stars
Goreaphobia (US-PA) - Sigil on Death's Hand - Apocalyptic Necromancy

Fleshgod Apocalypse (Ita) - The Betrayal - Agony
Book of Black Earth (Can) - Road Dogs from Hell - The Cold Testament
Svarttjern (Swe)- Unmasked Violation of Life - Towards the Ultimate
Blasphemophagher (Ita) - Command of Pandemonic Forces - The III Command of the Absolute Chaos ($5!)

Unholy Cadaver (US-CA) - Speed Demon - Unholy Cadaver

*Yep, not a clue where to get a physical copy of this reasonably in the States.

**Download this Demo or Album

Download in 320 CBRMegaupload - Rapidshare

Monday, October 24, 2011

Perpetual Winter Productions: Perpetual Winter October 2011

The first of multiple releases in this relaunching of Perpetual Winter Productions.  I probably should have done one of these closer to the start of this project, but disorganization and piss poor planning have plagued me throughout.  So, here it is, the show that spawned the overall moniker for everything I do. This is the show that mirrors a daily personal playlist most closely as my evening playlist is almost always Black Metal & Doom.

Perpetual Winter is meant to be the soundtrack to an evening, or the early morning hours.  If you engage yourself entirely in the music you will be rewarded, but its not entirely necessary as these shows are more about setting a rather mellow mood in a room.  You aren't going to find lots of over the top aggression in Perpetual Winter. In fact, in recorded form I have a hard time using the term aggressive to describe this music at all. This is relaxation music at its finest in my mind.

Download: Megupload, Rapidshare

Perpetual Winter is the Soundtrack to your Darkness...

Hour 1

Sorciers Des Glaces (Can) - Misanthropy Within the Endless Mountains - Moonrise in Total Darkness - 2006

Worship (Ger) - Endzeit Elegy - Dooom1 - 2007
Bethroned (Cro) - Raventhrone (2010) - Before Time2 - 2010
Aeternum Sacris (Jap) - Frozen Heart - Return (Demo) - 2011 (Free Download)
Taake (Nor) - Myr - Noregs Vaapen - 2011 (Pre-order)

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) - Possession of Nordic Blood - Falling Monuments - 2010
Loss (US-TN) - Shallow Pulse - Despond - 2011
Uterus (Ukr) - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone) - Christian Slut - 2009

Emperor (Nor) - Wrath of the Tyrant - Emperor (EP) - 1993

Hour 2

Kroda (Ukr) - The Beginning of Winter Night of Oskorei - Fimbulvinter - 2007

Enslaved (Nor) - Slaget I Skogen Bortenfor - Hordanes Land - 1993
Nokturnal Mortum (Ukr) - Ukraine - Voice of Steel - 2009

Helheim (Nor) - Viten og Mot (Sindighet) - Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr - 2011
Falls of Rauros (US-ME) - Silence - The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood - 2011

Temnozor (Rus) - Evilgod's Raven - Haunted Dreamscapes - 2010

As usual, the band names will take you their Facebook/MySpace page, the best place to sample their music, and the albums will take you to a good place to buy it if you are in the States.

In the past I used wind samples as talkover beds, I'm not going to completely do away with that, but I intend to use as much neo-folk as I can get my hands on as well.  This month I used tracks from Shroud of Despondency's (US-WI) 2002 debut "For Eternity Brings No Hope" which can be downloaded for free at the bands Bandcamp page.

Download: MeguploadRapidshare

1 - This is a link to the entire album.  I was unable to locate any copies on this site of the pond.  Worship albums sell for a bit on eBay too.
2 - This is a link to the entire album.  It appears the band has had a falling out with the label that released it.  I was unable to find any copies anywhere.

Monday, August 15, 2011

From the Depths: August '11

Head on over to for a streaming version of this show.
Find us on Facebook at:

Download from Megaupload, Mediafire

Really I haven't much to say about this 'cast other than its simply the neck wrecking bliss that you should expect from "From the Depths."   However, a couple things of note came up while I was doing this write-up.  First of all, you'll notice that some of the albums below are not links.  This would simply be because other than used copies, rare auctions on eBay, or off the wall independent distros are the only way you are going to find them.   I know the Nokturnel is due for a re-issue pretty soon, and the Jumpin' Jesus is dying for one at least.  I was really caught quite off guard at how rare Cadaver's 2004 opus "Necrosis" has apparently become.

Regarding the album title links: This is just a good place for those of us in North America to get said album.  It may be the label directly, a distro I trust, or a large reputable distro.  This time 'round I have to say there are some really good deals on the Vanhelgd & Cannabis Corpse CDs.

Anyhow to the tunes....

From the Depths August 2011

Cadaver (Nor) - Necro As Fuck - Necrosis - 2004

Jumpin' Jesus (Ger) - Rotten Flesh - The Art of Crucifying - 1991
Eternal Dirge (Ger) - Out of the Eons - Morbus Ascendit - 1992
Nokturnel (US-TX) - Global Suicide - Nothing But Hatred - 1993
Impetigo (US-IL) - Red Wigglers (Live) - Total Zombie Gore Holocaust - 2008

From the Depths: Still Bleeding

Disma (US-NJ) - Purulent Quest - Towards the Megalith - 2011
Vanhelgd (Swe) - Saepius in Auro Bibitur Venenum - Church of Death - 2011
Sample: Steve Hughes
Cannabis Corpse (US-VA) - Gateways to Inhalation - Beneath the Grow Light Thou Shalt Rise - 2011
Exhumed (US-CA) - Dis-Assembly Line - All Guts, No Glory - 2011

Funebrarum (US-NJ) - Beyond Recognition - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams - 2009
Hour of Penance (Ita) - The Woeful Eucharisty - Paradogma - 2010

Cryptopsy (Can) - Open Face Surgery - Blasphemy Made Flesh - 1994

Head on over to for a streaming version of this show.

Find us on Facebook at:

Download from MegauploadMediafire

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave

There is actually a Blasphemosity I recorded in March or April sitting in the can right now, and at some point I'll probably release it.  The main reason I bring this up is the opening track of this cast is the opening track of that cast.  Even more importantly, the opening track Aurora Borealis' "Crucible of Creation" is the opening track on Ron Vento and company's first full length since re-forming, and its free.  Of course, since then Mr. Vento has made the entire Aurora Borealis catalog free and you should go here and check it all out.  Great stuff available there, I highly recommend doing so.

Anyhow, its a good year for blackened Metal.  There really isn't much to say about this cast except its what you should expect, 1 hour of face ripping blackened metal.  It includes some of the final recordings of the Helmkamp/Read project Kerasphorus, a track from Enslaved's newest completely free EP, and I'll introduce you to a Progressive Black/Death troupe from Rochester, MI called Einheuser.  All 2011 tunes, all from albums worth checking out.   Listen today, suffer bangover tomorrow.

Download from Megaupload, Mediafire
Streaming at: Pod-O-Matic

Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave

Part I:

Aurora Borealis (US-MD) - Crucible of Creation - The Beginning and End of Everything - 2011

Kerasphorus (US-CA) - Through the Spiral Void - Necronaut (EP) - 2011
Spearhead (UK) - Autocrater - Theomachia - 2011
Ravencult (Grc) - Morbid Blood - Morbid Blood - 2011

Part II:

Marduk (Swe) - Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats of Death - Iron Dawn (EP) - 2011
Sacrilegious Impalement (Fin) - Wolves of the Black Moon - II - Exalted Spectres - 2011
Anaal Nathrakh (UK) - Drug-Fucking Abomination - Passion - 2011

Part III:

Enslaved (Nor) - Alu Mysirki - The Sleeping Gods (EP) - 2011 - FREE!
Torchbearer (Swe) - Coffin-Shaped Heart - Death Meditations - 2011

Einheuser (US-MI) - Whispering Insanity - Einheuser - 2011

Download from MegauploadMediafire
Streaming at: Pod-O-Matic

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sucking the 70's: July 2011

Download from Megupload, Mediafire

A very special "Sucking the 70's" this month, at least for the Marquette area, as last week there was a big Rock/Metal announcement by the real only local music venue not located in a house ;-), my employer Upfront & Company in Marquette, that the national tour of Weedeater (Southern Lord), Saviours (Kemado) Bison BC (Metal Blade), Fight Amp (Translation Loss) would be making it a stop.  Its a special ALL AGES show on September 18th (Sunday), tickets are $10 in advance (here - (906)228-5200) or $12 at the door.  I've driven farther and paid more for a lesser show.  You can preview all the bands on this tour in the first set.

Really this is bigger news for Marquette than some people may realize.  When I was a teen I heard all these stories about Ozzy, Kiss, etc coming and playing Lakeview Arena in the 80's.  Well, I personally remember Def Leppard played there about 15ish years ago.  However, since then, other than a few shows by NAE (who I has fallen victim to playing to the hip-hop monoculture way too often) and First Aid Productions (which has some good people helping out, but I still wonder if they haven't lost the vision of the founders), Marquette has been fairly devoid of any touring Rock/Metal band not travelling completely under the radar (the Upfront does get some very interesting acts including many who have releases on major labels).  There are two big reasons for this, one being the advent of the casino shows in the U.P. (which other than not being in Marquette I can only see as a good thing), and the simple fact that in general entertainer fees have gone up over the last 20 years, but our wages have not.  So Marquette isn't going to be booking Nickelback or Colplay very soon (not going to rule out NAE, but I still guess they don't travel the road of Rock), and that's fine.   Odds are you aren't going to see too many washed up rockers in Marquette either.

However, I know a town that still eats up live music when it can.  Small groups that you can't target every week, but spaced out over time and with many niche groups it can be very profitable.  The advent of the internet has given niche fans more exposure to their music than ever, and that gives those that book shows an opportunity to look at more up and coming artists, and artists that don't have the benefit of RIAA promotional/radio backing (even Sirius Liquid Metal hardly steps outside the RIAA umbrella).   A successful Weedeater show will allow more tours of all genres to come to Marquette, this is an opportunity to remind the Rock World that Marquette still rocks and that bands should want to come here.

Enough of that though, lots of good stuff this month outside of the Weedeater Tour Preview.  New music from Wino's newest project Premonition 13, some early 70's Swedish (or German Rock no I'm not kidding, I have conflicting reports) from a band that (once again) has almost no information available, I'll introduce some more great Michigan Stoner/doom, and of course, its July so the most appropriate tune from Bongzilla in the 4:20 Smokedown.   So get your utensil packed and ready to go, its time for July's Sucking the 70's.

Sucking the 70’s July 2011

Part I

The Grand Astoria (Rus) - Doomsday Party - Omnipresence - 2011

Weedeater Tour Preview!!!

Saviours (US-CA) - Slave to the Hex - Accelerated Living - 2009
Fight Amp (US-MA) - Faith in Man - Manners and Praise - 2009
Bison BC (Can) - Two Day Booze - Dark Ages - 2010 (Only $8)
Weedeater (US-NC) - Mancoon - Jason... the Dragon - 2011

Part II

Sucking the 70’s: 4:20 Smokedown

Bongzilla (US-WI) - Amerijuanican - Amerijuanican - 2005
PSA from Dr. Nophun Anslinger
Acid Bath (US-LA) - Tranquilized - When the Kite String Pops - 1994

Part III

Sucking the 70’s: Flashback Tracks

Propeller (Swe or Ger?) - Let it Rock, Let if Roll - Let Us Live Together - 1971
Orange Goblin (UK) - Just Got Paid (ZZ Top) - Thieving From The House Of God - 2004

Part IV

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest

Buffalo Witch (US-MI) - Titan Death - Buffalo Witch - 2011
Enoch (US-NC) - The Fickle Whims of the Almighty - The Hierophant - 2011
Premonition 13 (US-MD) - Deranged Rock n' Roller - 13 - 2011

Viking Skull (UK) - Crazy Truckers - Heavy Metal Thunder - 2010

Download from Megupload, Mediafire

Monday, July 4, 2011

From the Depths: Independence Day - The Metal of Anti-War

Download from MegauploadMediafire at 320 kps

Well, I started with the idea of making a podcast full of "protest" Metal, and well, I succeeded, but it ended up being a far more narrow focus than initially intended.  It's funny that a genre of music that contains music referred to as "War Metal" could be so very much anti-war, but from the earliest days of heavy music the angst of war has played an important role.  Some of you may be thinking, why would you highlight war protest around the celebration of U.S. independence?  The answer is simple.  I view Independence Day as  a time to absolutely celebrate the historical accomplishments of our nation, but also a time to reflect on our shortcomings.  Unnecessary war is definitely one of those shortcomings (and I'm not innocent in my support for what I now view as unnecessary war).  You will hear a lot from Paul Speckmann in this hour, which really shouldn't surprise you.  Speckmann has always been very anti-Corporo-fascist/anti-war and very critical of our nation, so much so that legendary U.S. Death Metal troupe Master is now based out of the Czech Republic.  I respect Speckmann's music and I respect his actions even more.

This show is going to be a lot more diverse than most "From the Depths," as there are definitely some tunes better fitted for "The Mercyful Metal Onslaught" or "Sucking the 70's," however, it was necessary to cover the bases in (anti-) war themed heavy music.

From the Depths: Independence Day - The Metal of Anti-War
Click Band Name for Homepage/Facebook/Myspace - Click Album Title for Recommended Place to Purchase

Part I:

Master (US-IL) - America the Pitiful - On the 7th Day God Created Master - 1991

Suck (S.A.) - War Pigs (Black Sabbath) - Time to Suck - 1971
Sodom (Ger) - Ausgebombt - Agent Orange - 1989
Armor Column (US-NY) - Where There's a War, There's a Way - Maximum Collateral Damage - 2011
Sample from Uncle Sam dir. William Lustig (Isaac Hayes)
Abomination (US-IL) - Blood for Oil - Tragedy Strikes - 1991

Part II:

Master (US-IL) - Pledge of Allegiance - Master - 1990
Death (US-FL) - Altering the Future - Spiritual Healing - 1990
Napalm Death (U.K.) - Suffer the Children - Harmony Corruption - 1990
Death (US-FL) - Lack of Comprehension (PWP Apocalypse Re-mix)*
Sinister (Hol) - Men Down - Afterburner - 2006

Ghoul (US-CA) - What a Wonderful World - Maniaxe - 2003

Download from Megaupload, Mediafire at 320 kps


*This track is Perpetual Winter Productions re-mix taken from the 2011 Relapse Records re-issue of Human.  The base is the instrumental tracks from "Lack of Comprehension" re-mixed (and shortened) with samples from the 1983 Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic scare flick "The Day After."  I'm actually pretty surprised some of these samples aren't more widely used.

Public Domain use posters provided by Northwestern University Library

Title: Wanted! for murder: her careless talk costs lives
Call Number: W3. 46/1: T14/ 19

Title: The United States army : then--now--forever
Call Number: 355.22309 W884u

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sucking the 70's: June 2011


Yep, been a bit behind on my plans with PWP lately.  A hand injury and bursitis flare up tend to slow one down so that's just the way things go.  At least, we're getting the 6th straight monthly installment of "Sucking the 70's."  I have a new 'cast in the "Northern Outlaw" series in the can as well as "Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave."   Those will be coming shortly, but right now I have another hour of kick-ass Stoner jams.

This month on "Sucking the 70's" we have a good chunk of Midwest rockers, and a lot still active so get out and see them.  I have an off the wall blues based track from defunct Detroit rockers Cuckold, new Red Fang & Thorr-axe, and I'll introduce you to the smoke-laden Sludge from Grand Rapids, MI's Mountain Goat.

A few corrections, I referred to the Thundermother album as "One Red Rowan" obviously as you can tell from below its "No Red Rowan."  I also said that Herder's release was independent, but it turns out that it is in Reflections records.

There is quite a bit of this music available for free (also some with physical versions as well) so check out the links in the playlist below.  All links lead to legitimate ways to get the music, mostly the label that released it.  Obviously, there will be situations where there are better sources.

Sucking the 70’s June 2011

Part I

Orchid (US-CA) - Into the Sun - Through the Devil's Doorway (EP) 2009

Cuckold (US-MI) - Blood on My Hands - Blood on my Hands 7" 2006 (Lots of Free Music at link)
Red River Revival (US-GA) - Hands on the Wheel - Red River Revival (EP) 2009
Valley of the Sun (US-OH) - Tail of the Serpant - Two Thousand Ten (Demo) 2010 (Free!)

Part II

Sucking the 70’s: 4:20 Smokedown

Mountain Goat (US-MI) - Smoke Filled Land - Smoke Filled Land 7" 2010
Bongzilla (US-WI) - Melovespot - Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitude (EP) 1998

Part III

Sucking the 70’s: Flashback Tracks

Thundermother (UK) - The People Show - No Red Rowan 1971 (OOP - Download Link)
Goliath (US-KY) - Hot Rock and Thunder - Hot Rock and Thunder 1972

Part IV

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest

Red Fang (US-OR) - Dirt Wizard - Murder the Mountains 2011
Herder (Hol) - Come Now Fire - Herder 2011
Thorr-axe (US-IN) - Brewmaster - Wall of Spears 2011

Hang the Bastard (UK) - Hell's Teeth - Hellfire Reign 2010


Monday, May 30, 2011

From the Depths: 2011 Still Bleeding Volume 1

When I first started researching this show I was under the impression that this is one of the worst years for Death Metal in recent history.  I can't say my opinion on this has changed, but I can say that it's not quite as bad as I initially thought and I'm already going through my files complaining about forgetting bands like Russia's The Mutilator and Sweden's Vanhelgd.  I guess the next one shouldn't be so hard.  That being said there is a lot of good stuff so far this year. Some of my personal highlights include Benighted's "Asylum Cave," Decrepitaph's "Profane Doctrines Unburied," and I have to say I've been left surprisingly impressed by Obscura's "Omnivium."  Anyway, this 'cast doesn't really need a long-winded explanation it's all new Death Metal, not hard to figure out.

Download from 

Hour 1

Requiem (Swz) - I Am Legion - Within Darkened Disorder - Twilight Distribution

Miasmal (Swe) - Toxic Breed - Miasmal - Dark Descent Records
Nailgun Massacre (Hol) - Head on a Stick - Backyard Butchery - Slowrunner Records
Decrepitaph (US-TX) - Convulse in Eternal Agony - Razorback Records

Those Left Behind (Nor) - Mutilation Reel - Horror Classics and Other Tributes to the Darkside
- Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Nomad (Pol) - The Demon's Breath - Transmigration of Consciousness - Witching Hour Productions
Corpsessed (Fin) - Nameless Cult - The Dagger & The Chalice - Dark Descent Records

Benighted (Fra) - Hostile - Asylum Cave - Season of Mist
Haemorrhage (Esp) - Flesh-Devouring Pandemia - Hospital Carnage - Relapse Records
Gorgasm (US-IN) - Silence Follows Dismemberment - Orgy of Murder - Brutal Bands
Monumental Torment (Rus) - Paradox - Element of Chaos - SFC

Obscura (Ger) - Vortex Omnivium - Omnivium - Relapse Records
Incrustator (Ukr) - Mad Monster - Spectral Whirlwind - Independent Digital
Amon Amarth (Swe) - Destroyer of the Universe - Surtur Rising - Metal Blade

Hour 2

Revolting (Swe) - The Plague of Matul - In Grisey Rapture - FDA Rekotz
Demonical (Swe) - Slain Warriors - Death Infernal - Cyclone Empire
Mardraum (Cro) - Human Prevails - Plague of Men (Demo) - Independent Digital

Autopsy (US-CA) - Dirty Gore Whore - Macabre Eternal - Peaceville Records
Autopsy (US-CA) - Robbing the Grave - Mental Funeral (1991) - Peaceville Records
Necrophagia (US-OH) - Suffering Comes in Sixes - Deathtrip 69 - Season of Mist
Necrophagia (US-OH) - Ready for Death - Ready For Death (1986 rel. 1990) - Embalming

Feral (Swe) - Altar of Necromancy - Dragged to the Altar - Ibex Moon Records
Hellworld (Col) - Blasfemia - Bandera De Sangre - Independent
Blaspherian (US-TX) - The Disgrace of God - Infernal Warriors of Death - Deathgasm Records
Vomitory (Swe) - Forever Damned - Opus Mortis VIII - Metal Blade

Broken Gravestones (Esp) - Zombies Don't Run - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (EP) - Sevared Records

Download from