Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest Top Strains 2011 (December)

It's a "Best of..." done the Perpetual Winter Productions way...

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest Top Strains 2011

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Corrections: Pretty sure, I said that I played the Premonition 13 song "Sources" instead of "Hard to Say," same voice track had me omit the word "Number" from the Red Fang track "Number 13," and "King Kenny All Day & Lazybody" last played in the 90's, but could have played together in the 70's.

Hour 1

Gates of Slumber (US-IN) - Bastards Born - The Wretch (CD) 12"

Red Fang (US-OR) - Number Thirteen - Murder the Mountains
Premonition 13 (US-CA) - Hard to Say - 13
Barn Burner (Can) - Skid Marks the Spot - Bangers II: Scum of the Earth

Sucking the 70's 4:20 Smokedown

Buffalo Witch (US-MI) - Black Witch - Buffalo Witch (Free DL)
Children of Doom (Fra) - Doom, Be Doomed or Fuck Off - Doom, Be Doomed or Fuck Off

Lord Vicar (Fin) - Sign of Osiris Slain - Signs of Osiris
Argus (US-MD) - A Curse on the World - Boldly Stride the Doomed
Orchid (US-CA) - Masters of it All - Capricorn

Hour 2

King Kenny All Day & Lazybody (US-MI) - I'm Not the Enemy - Party at Docs
We Hunt Buffalo (Can) - 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) - We Hunt Buffalo (Free DL)
Candlemass (Swe) - Don't Fear the Reaper - Don't Fear the Reaper (EP) (12/2010) (OOP)

Graveyard (Swe) - Ungrateful Are the Dead - Hisingen Blues
Danava (US-OR) - Riding Hood - Hemisphere of Shadows
Lord Stereo (Pol) - Organ Grinder - Lord Stereo
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (US-MI) - Center of a Velvet Room - Spectra Spirit (Free DL)

Blood Ceremony (Can) - Night of Augury - Living with the Ancients
The Devil's Blood (Hol) - On the Wings of Gloria - The Thousandfold Epicentre
Green & Woods (US-CA) - Devil's Plan - Devil's Plan (Good Question, not even up on Label Site)
Superchrist (US-IL) - Old, Fast and Hard (Live) - Burn Again

King Diamond (Dnk) - No Presents for Christmas - No Presents for Christmas (EP)


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