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Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck

Wow, 10 years.  It's sort of weird knowing exactly what you were doing 10 years earlier at certain hours. There was lots of talk about Chuck, learning for many of us, lots of Death, and definitely sadness.  We just hung out and listened to Death at a band house.  Of course, I did my tribute at the time on WUPX in Marquette, MI, but now knowing how green I was I could have never given proper tribute.  Today I'm able to do so.

Death's music alone set Chuck Schuldiner in the top tier of Metal. However, in an era where lyrics are often overlooked (I admit to doing this myself), you very often see talk of Chuck's incredible lyrics.  Place this as complementary to the revolutionary sounds coming from his guitars, and it should be pretty easy to see why Chuck Schuldiner is such a legend.  Its this lyrical prowess that lead to the title of this 'cast.  No Death song that has had more impact on me than "Flesh and the Power it Holds" from 1998's "The Sound of Perseverence."  That impact is heightened by the fact that Chuck's death was brought on by cancer.  When thinking about a title I wanted to try to play off a Death song, and "Sound and the Power it Holds" was the first idea that came to mind.  I think that title says it all.

This ‘cast is two hours of Death and Death covers.   I decided to not include any Control Denied simply because there is just so much Death material that has only barely seen the light of day.  Much of that material can also only be handled in smaller doses by some people because of the production values of these tracks, often, ripped from cassettes from 1984 to 1987.  I decided to take the opportunity to bring to light some of the absolutely great tracks that never made it out of Death’s demo era.  Not including Control Denied is not in any way meant as a slight to that material.

As I amend this entry on 12/15 (as the ‘cast started streaming on yesterday), I can say I that it was very cool to see tribute for Chuck coming from a lot of different folks into different kinds of Music, not just Metal.  Though I'm sure there were many rabid Deathcore fans rolling their eyes about the coverage of this anniversary (I did see someone post, then delete a comment about how Chuck wasn't as important as "The Rev"), I would hope that those who will remain heavy music fans for their lives would be able to come around to see how important Chuck was to the sound even bands like Suicide Silence, Avenged Sevenfold (well, early...), and Emmure play.

Seeing the other tributes to Chuck over the last weeks does my heart good.  It’s great to know that Chuck is not forgotten, for he shall never be.



Bear - PWP Founder


Perpetual Winter Productions presents the very special tribute podcast "Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck."  Chuck Schuldiner's influence was immense, immeasurable, and we lost him too soon.


We're going to pay tribute to "Evil" Chuck with two solid hours of Death; Death demos, Death covers, rare Death, and the most popular Death as well.  Featuring tracks from Pentacle, Incantation, Neurosis Inc, Incarnator and more.

Perpetual Winter Productions remembers the great Chuck Schuldiner with:

Sound and the Power it Holds: Remembering Chuck

Hour I

Death (US-FL) - Flesh and the Power it Holds - The Sound of Perseverence - 1998

Death (US-FL) - Death By Metal - Death by Metal (Demo) - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Slaughterhouse (Live) - Live Tape #2 - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Poison (Live - Venom) - Live Tape #2 - 1985
Slaughter (Can) - Evil Dead - Fuck of Death - 2004 (Evil Chuck on Vox/Recorded 1986)

Hellwitch (US-FL) - Infernal Death - Omnipotent Convocation - 2008
Pentacle (Hol) - Witch of Hell - Anceint Death (EP) - 2001
Incantation (US-PA) - Scream Bloody Gore - Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish (EP) - 1997
Death (US-FL) - Mutilation - Scream Bloody Gore - 1987

Death (US-FL) - Living Monstrosity - Spiritual Healing - 1990
Commit Suicide (US-PA) - Open Casket - Misery Index/Commit Suicide Split - 2002
Lapida (Arg) - Lack of Comprehension - Mordiendo El Dolor (Homenaje A Death) - 2006

Hour II

Death (US-FL) - Archangel - Infernal Death (Demo) - 1985
Death (US-FL) - Land of No Return - Mutilation (Demo) - 1986
Death (US-FL) - Born Dead - Leprosy - 1988
Orlac (Esp) - Spiritual Healing - Forthcoming Death - 2000

Death (US-FL) - Vacant Planets - Human - 1991 (2011 Relapse re-issue)
Faeces (Pol) - The Philosopher - Severe Hypoxia - 2005
Immoralist (Rus) - Without Judgement - Progressive Demise 2008

Neurosis Inc. (Col) - Forgotten Past - Masters of Thrash - 2007
Fuck the Facts (Can) - Empty Words - Split with Sylvester Staline - 2002
Necropolis (Arg) - Spirit Crusher - Mordiendo El Dolor (Homenaje A Death) - 2006

Death (US-FL) - Individual Thought Patterns - Individual Thought Patterns - 1993

Death (US-FL) - Crystal Mountain - Live in L.A. (Death & Raw) - 2001

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