Monday, November 14, 2011

Perpetual Winter Productions: Perpetual Winter November 2011: Finland/United States

Another week, and I decided to just say fuck it, expect the 'casts on Mondays.  Monday works anyway, especially if I get any pre-release tracks and the timing works out to play a day before the release.  As usual lots of good Black Metal and Atmospheric Dooom, this time all from Finland or the States.  I feel a real affinity with my Scandinavian heritage, so it's just great that Finland, Sweden and Norway are all hotbeds for metal (yes, I know Finland is not technically Scandinavia).

This month will see the introduction of Perpetual Winter's new music segment "The Spreading Permafrost."  I don't have an opener for it yet, but that will be coming in the future (still looking for good movie samples about frost/cold/etc).   I also returned to using wind samples as talk over.  So without further ado Perpetual Winter November 2011: Finland/United States:

Download from Megaupload, Rapidshare (Much Improved)

Hour 1

Clandestine Blaze (Fin) - Fist of the Northern Destroyer - Fist of the Northern Destroyer*

A Transylvanian Funeral (US-AZ) - Premonitions- The Outsider* (Band Submission)
Evoken (US-NJ) - Tending Dire Hatred - Quietus*
Anu (US-NC) - Nachtmusik - Opus Funaerum*

Catacombs (US-AZ) - In the Depths of R'lyeh - In the Depths of R'lyeh*
Judas Iscariot (US-Ger) - In the Valley of Death, I am Their King - To Embrace Corpses Bleeding*
Goatmoon (Fin) - Immortal's Winter - Finnish Steel Storm
Skepticism (Fin) - Aether - Lead and Aether*

Hour 2

The Spreading Permafrost

Oranssi Pazuzu (Fin) - Komeetta - Kosmonument
Seidr (US-KY) - The Night Sky and the Wild Hunt - For Winter Fire**
Negative Plane (US-NY) - Angels Veiled of Bone - Stained Glass Revelations**

Beherit (Fin) - Pimyden Henki (Spirit of Darkness) - Engram
Krieg (US-NJ) - Calamity from the Skies - Rise of the Imperial Hordes (OOP)
Blood Red Fog (Fin) - Bleak Waters - Because its Wrong*

Shape of Despair (Fin) - ...To Live For My Death... - Angels of Distress

As usual:
Click on band name for a legitimate way to check out more of their music (if available).
Click on album name for a recommended place to purchase albums in North America.
      *Recommended Distro
      **Label of Release

Download includes separate folder with links to recommended distros/labels.

Next month's Perpetual Winter will be all 2011 releases as the year is coming to an end, including a special exclusive track from Croatia's Bethroned!!!

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