Monday, August 15, 2011

From the Depths: August '11

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Really I haven't much to say about this 'cast other than its simply the neck wrecking bliss that you should expect from "From the Depths."   However, a couple things of note came up while I was doing this write-up.  First of all, you'll notice that some of the albums below are not links.  This would simply be because other than used copies, rare auctions on eBay, or off the wall independent distros are the only way you are going to find them.   I know the Nokturnel is due for a re-issue pretty soon, and the Jumpin' Jesus is dying for one at least.  I was really caught quite off guard at how rare Cadaver's 2004 opus "Necrosis" has apparently become.

Regarding the album title links: This is just a good place for those of us in North America to get said album.  It may be the label directly, a distro I trust, or a large reputable distro.  This time 'round I have to say there are some really good deals on the Vanhelgd & Cannabis Corpse CDs.

Anyhow to the tunes....

From the Depths August 2011

Cadaver (Nor) - Necro As Fuck - Necrosis - 2004

Jumpin' Jesus (Ger) - Rotten Flesh - The Art of Crucifying - 1991
Eternal Dirge (Ger) - Out of the Eons - Morbus Ascendit - 1992
Nokturnel (US-TX) - Global Suicide - Nothing But Hatred - 1993
Impetigo (US-IL) - Red Wigglers (Live) - Total Zombie Gore Holocaust - 2008

From the Depths: Still Bleeding

Disma (US-NJ) - Purulent Quest - Towards the Megalith - 2011
Vanhelgd (Swe) - Saepius in Auro Bibitur Venenum - Church of Death - 2011
Sample: Steve Hughes
Cannabis Corpse (US-VA) - Gateways to Inhalation - Beneath the Grow Light Thou Shalt Rise - 2011
Exhumed (US-CA) - Dis-Assembly Line - All Guts, No Glory - 2011

Funebrarum (US-NJ) - Beyond Recognition - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams - 2009
Hour of Penance (Ita) - The Woeful Eucharisty - Paradogma - 2010

Cryptopsy (Can) - Open Face Surgery - Blasphemy Made Flesh - 1994

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