Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave

There is actually a Blasphemosity I recorded in March or April sitting in the can right now, and at some point I'll probably release it.  The main reason I bring this up is the opening track of this cast is the opening track of that cast.  Even more importantly, the opening track Aurora Borealis' "Crucible of Creation" is the opening track on Ron Vento and company's first full length since re-forming, and its free.  Of course, since then Mr. Vento has made the entire Aurora Borealis catalog free and you should go here and check it all out.  Great stuff available there, I highly recommend doing so.

Anyhow, its a good year for blackened Metal.  There really isn't much to say about this cast except its what you should expect, 1 hour of face ripping blackened metal.  It includes some of the final recordings of the Helmkamp/Read project Kerasphorus, a track from Enslaved's newest completely free EP, and I'll introduce you to a Progressive Black/Death troupe from Rochester, MI called Einheuser.  All 2011 tunes, all from albums worth checking out.   Listen today, suffer bangover tomorrow.

Download from Megaupload, Mediafire
Streaming at: Pod-O-Matic

Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave

Part I:

Aurora Borealis (US-MD) - Crucible of Creation - The Beginning and End of Everything - 2011

Kerasphorus (US-CA) - Through the Spiral Void - Necronaut (EP) - 2011
Spearhead (UK) - Autocrater - Theomachia - 2011
Ravencult (Grc) - Morbid Blood - Morbid Blood - 2011

Part II:

Marduk (Swe) - Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats of Death - Iron Dawn (EP) - 2011
Sacrilegious Impalement (Fin) - Wolves of the Black Moon - II - Exalted Spectres - 2011
Anaal Nathrakh (UK) - Drug-Fucking Abomination - Passion - 2011

Part III:

Enslaved (Nor) - Alu Mysirki - The Sleeping Gods (EP) - 2011 - FREE!
Torchbearer (Swe) - Coffin-Shaped Heart - Death Meditations - 2011

Einheuser (US-MI) - Whispering Insanity - Einheuser - 2011

Download from MegauploadMediafire
Streaming at: Pod-O-Matic

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