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From the Depths: Independence Day - The Metal of Anti-War

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Well, I started with the idea of making a podcast full of "protest" Metal, and well, I succeeded, but it ended up being a far more narrow focus than initially intended.  It's funny that a genre of music that contains music referred to as "War Metal" could be so very much anti-war, but from the earliest days of heavy music the angst of war has played an important role.  Some of you may be thinking, why would you highlight war protest around the celebration of U.S. independence?  The answer is simple.  I view Independence Day as  a time to absolutely celebrate the historical accomplishments of our nation, but also a time to reflect on our shortcomings.  Unnecessary war is definitely one of those shortcomings (and I'm not innocent in my support for what I now view as unnecessary war).  You will hear a lot from Paul Speckmann in this hour, which really shouldn't surprise you.  Speckmann has always been very anti-Corporo-fascist/anti-war and very critical of our nation, so much so that legendary U.S. Death Metal troupe Master is now based out of the Czech Republic.  I respect Speckmann's music and I respect his actions even more.

This show is going to be a lot more diverse than most "From the Depths," as there are definitely some tunes better fitted for "The Mercyful Metal Onslaught" or "Sucking the 70's," however, it was necessary to cover the bases in (anti-) war themed heavy music.

From the Depths: Independence Day - The Metal of Anti-War
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Part I:

Master (US-IL) - America the Pitiful - On the 7th Day God Created Master - 1991

Suck (S.A.) - War Pigs (Black Sabbath) - Time to Suck - 1971
Sodom (Ger) - Ausgebombt - Agent Orange - 1989
Armor Column (US-NY) - Where There's a War, There's a Way - Maximum Collateral Damage - 2011
Sample from Uncle Sam dir. William Lustig (Isaac Hayes)
Abomination (US-IL) - Blood for Oil - Tragedy Strikes - 1991

Part II:

Master (US-IL) - Pledge of Allegiance - Master - 1990
Death (US-FL) - Altering the Future - Spiritual Healing - 1990
Napalm Death (U.K.) - Suffer the Children - Harmony Corruption - 1990
Death (US-FL) - Lack of Comprehension (PWP Apocalypse Re-mix)*
Sinister (Hol) - Men Down - Afterburner - 2006

Ghoul (US-CA) - What a Wonderful World - Maniaxe - 2003

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*This track is Perpetual Winter Productions re-mix taken from the 2011 Relapse Records re-issue of Human.  The base is the instrumental tracks from "Lack of Comprehension" re-mixed (and shortened) with samples from the 1983 Post-Nuclear Apocalyptic scare flick "The Day After."  I'm actually pretty surprised some of these samples aren't more widely used.

Public Domain use posters provided by Northwestern University Library

Title: Wanted! for murder: her careless talk costs lives
Call Number: W3. 46/1: T14/ 19

Title: The United States army : then--now--forever
Call Number: 355.22309 W884u

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