Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sucking the 70's: June 2011


Yep, been a bit behind on my plans with PWP lately.  A hand injury and bursitis flare up tend to slow one down so that's just the way things go.  At least, we're getting the 6th straight monthly installment of "Sucking the 70's."  I have a new 'cast in the "Northern Outlaw" series in the can as well as "Blasphemosity: 2011 Smoldering Embers First Wave."   Those will be coming shortly, but right now I have another hour of kick-ass Stoner jams.

This month on "Sucking the 70's" we have a good chunk of Midwest rockers, and a lot still active so get out and see them.  I have an off the wall blues based track from defunct Detroit rockers Cuckold, new Red Fang & Thorr-axe, and I'll introduce you to the smoke-laden Sludge from Grand Rapids, MI's Mountain Goat.

A few corrections, I referred to the Thundermother album as "One Red Rowan" obviously as you can tell from below its "No Red Rowan."  I also said that Herder's release was independent, but it turns out that it is in Reflections records.

There is quite a bit of this music available for free (also some with physical versions as well) so check out the links in the playlist below.  All links lead to legitimate ways to get the music, mostly the label that released it.  Obviously, there will be situations where there are better sources.

Sucking the 70’s June 2011

Part I

Orchid (US-CA) - Into the Sun - Through the Devil's Doorway (EP) 2009

Cuckold (US-MI) - Blood on My Hands - Blood on my Hands 7" 2006 (Lots of Free Music at link)
Red River Revival (US-GA) - Hands on the Wheel - Red River Revival (EP) 2009
Valley of the Sun (US-OH) - Tail of the Serpant - Two Thousand Ten (Demo) 2010 (Free!)

Part II

Sucking the 70’s: 4:20 Smokedown

Mountain Goat (US-MI) - Smoke Filled Land - Smoke Filled Land 7" 2010
Bongzilla (US-WI) - Melovespot - Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitude (EP) 1998

Part III

Sucking the 70’s: Flashback Tracks

Thundermother (UK) - The People Show - No Red Rowan 1971 (OOP - Download Link)
Goliath (US-KY) - Hot Rock and Thunder - Hot Rock and Thunder 1972

Part IV

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest

Red Fang (US-OR) - Dirt Wizard - Murder the Mountains 2011
Herder (Hol) - Come Now Fire - Herder 2011
Thorr-axe (US-IN) - Brewmaster - Wall of Spears 2011

Hang the Bastard (UK) - Hell's Teeth - Hellfire Reign 2010


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