Monday, May 30, 2011

From the Depths: 2011 Still Bleeding Volume 1

When I first started researching this show I was under the impression that this is one of the worst years for Death Metal in recent history.  I can't say my opinion on this has changed, but I can say that it's not quite as bad as I initially thought and I'm already going through my files complaining about forgetting bands like Russia's The Mutilator and Sweden's Vanhelgd.  I guess the next one shouldn't be so hard.  That being said there is a lot of good stuff so far this year. Some of my personal highlights include Benighted's "Asylum Cave," Decrepitaph's "Profane Doctrines Unburied," and I have to say I've been left surprisingly impressed by Obscura's "Omnivium."  Anyway, this 'cast doesn't really need a long-winded explanation it's all new Death Metal, not hard to figure out.

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Hour 1

Requiem (Swz) - I Am Legion - Within Darkened Disorder - Twilight Distribution

Miasmal (Swe) - Toxic Breed - Miasmal - Dark Descent Records
Nailgun Massacre (Hol) - Head on a Stick - Backyard Butchery - Slowrunner Records
Decrepitaph (US-TX) - Convulse in Eternal Agony - Razorback Records

Those Left Behind (Nor) - Mutilation Reel - Horror Classics and Other Tributes to the Darkside
- Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Nomad (Pol) - The Demon's Breath - Transmigration of Consciousness - Witching Hour Productions
Corpsessed (Fin) - Nameless Cult - The Dagger & The Chalice - Dark Descent Records

Benighted (Fra) - Hostile - Asylum Cave - Season of Mist
Haemorrhage (Esp) - Flesh-Devouring Pandemia - Hospital Carnage - Relapse Records
Gorgasm (US-IN) - Silence Follows Dismemberment - Orgy of Murder - Brutal Bands
Monumental Torment (Rus) - Paradox - Element of Chaos - SFC

Obscura (Ger) - Vortex Omnivium - Omnivium - Relapse Records
Incrustator (Ukr) - Mad Monster - Spectral Whirlwind - Independent Digital
Amon Amarth (Swe) - Destroyer of the Universe - Surtur Rising - Metal Blade

Hour 2

Revolting (Swe) - The Plague of Matul - In Grisey Rapture - FDA Rekotz
Demonical (Swe) - Slain Warriors - Death Infernal - Cyclone Empire
Mardraum (Cro) - Human Prevails - Plague of Men (Demo) - Independent Digital

Autopsy (US-CA) - Dirty Gore Whore - Macabre Eternal - Peaceville Records
Autopsy (US-CA) - Robbing the Grave - Mental Funeral (1991) - Peaceville Records
Necrophagia (US-OH) - Suffering Comes in Sixes - Deathtrip 69 - Season of Mist
Necrophagia (US-OH) - Ready for Death - Ready For Death (1986 rel. 1990) - Embalming

Feral (Swe) - Altar of Necromancy - Dragged to the Altar - Ibex Moon Records
Hellworld (Col) - Blasfemia - Bandera De Sangre - Independent
Blaspherian (US-TX) - The Disgrace of God - Infernal Warriors of Death - Deathgasm Records
Vomitory (Swe) - Forever Damned - Opus Mortis VIII - Metal Blade

Broken Gravestones (Esp) - Zombies Don't Run - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (EP) - Sevared Records

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