Saturday, May 28, 2011

Introducing: From the Depths

"From the Depths" was the first new show moniker I came up with after I returned from my nomadic period in 2008.  When I was on Open Grave Radio (many OGR alums are on Brutal Existence Radio I decided to retire my "Pure Evil" moniker (though it was un-retired for my brief stint with BRR).  I was trying to think of another name that would really exude what the show was about that wasn't so commonly used, as I knew I was at least the second to use "Pure Evil" at WUPX in Marquette.

I have no idea how I came up with it.  I assume I pulled it from a line like "From the depths of the underground comes..."  It just made sense. Its not like there was much being spun on there even from the surface of the underground.  I've come across a few bands that use it in a variety of genres and a couple movies, but nothing really from this realm so I've decided to stick with it.

The show would become a solid mix of Aggressive Black Metal, Death Metal, Black/Death Metal and some extreme Thrash.  Initially I would include other broadcasts such as the "Mercyful Metal Onlsaught" and "Perpetual Winter" since I only had the one time slot, but as I spread out over pretty much an entire day I was able to streamline "From the Depths" into it's current incarnation.

"From the Depths" will continue down the aforementioned path.  It will also include a feature called "Still Bleeding" which will be the best of new Death Metal.  "From the Depths" new music will focus on Death Metal as Blasphemosity focuses on the more blackened material.  The debut of "From the Depths" is already in the can, but is a special edition.  "From the Depths: 2011 Still Bleeding Vol. 1" will go up shortly.  As with all my 'casts at this point, except "Sucking the 70's," there is no timetable for releases.  They'll come as they do, but "From the Depths: 2011 Still Bleeding Vol. 2" is already poking my brain.

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