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Perpetual Winter Productions: Remembers Ronnie James Dio

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A year ago the Heavy Metal scene lost the first almost universally recognized legend.  Though the Metal scene has been plagued with sickness and death over the last decade, never has there been a death that impacted both Heavy Metal and the mainstream Hard Rock scene as much as when stomach cancer took Ronnie James Dio.

The two hour’s ‘cast that you are about to (or have) download(ed) is a compilation of music over his ENTIRE career.  Outside of the off the wall XXX-Mas podcast I did, this without a doubt has the most diverse selection of music I’ve ever featured, from do-wop to Black/Death Metal.  Of course, don’t worry all you mullet sporting leather clad warriors (or at least those that wish they could be) there are plenty of real headbangers that will bring you back to an era of Heavy Metal many think is dead (they’d be wrong, but what can you expect).  I have to admit, outside of The Northern Outlaw, I never expected to have variety comparable to a cover of “Love Potion No. 9,” a Pat Boone number, Black Sabbath, and Aurora Borealis in a single cast.  In the end it just goes to show that Ronnie James Dio’s impact on music is going to be hard to match by anyone.  I’m not so sure that as these legends of the formative years Metal start to go that there is someone waiting in the wings to fill their shoes.  Musicians like Dio have brought Heavy Metal and Rock music in general from infancy to late adolescence (as in development has definitely greatly slowed as we reach the capabilities of the instruments).
Bronze Tribute located in Kavarna, Bulgaria

This summer across the pond there is a tour of guys known as the “Dio Disciples.”  I can only imagine these shows are amazing, head on over to for more details than I provide here:

Dio Disciples
Tim “Ripper” Owens – Vocals
Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Simon Wright – Drums
Craid Goldy – Guitar
Scott Warren – Keyboards

James Lomenzo – Bass until Sarzo’s commitments to Blue Öyster Cult are fulfilled.
Toby Jepson – Vocals on some shows
Doro – Vocals on some shows

6/08/2011 Moscow, Russia A2 Club
6/09/2011 St. Petersburg, Russia Kosmonayt
6/10/2011 Tampere, Finland Sauna Open Air Festival
6/11/2011 East Midlands, UK Download Festival
6/12/2011 Newcastle, UK Academy w/ The Rods
6/14/2011 Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Garage w/ The Rods
6/15/2011 Wolverhampton, UK Slade Rooms w/ The Rods
6/16/2011 Manchester,UK Academy 2 w/ The Rods
6/17/2011 London, UK Islington Academy w/ The Rods
6/19/2011 Uden, Netherlands De Pul w/ The Rods
6/20/2011 Aschafensburg, Germany Colos Saal w/The Rods
6/21/2011 Hamburg, Germany Markthalle w/ The Rods
6/22/2011 Berlin, Germany C Club w/ The Rods
6/24/2011 Dessel, Belgium Graspop Metal Meeting
6/25/2011 Bochum, Germany Matrix w/ The Rods
6/27/2011 Vienna, Austria Szene Wien w/ The Rods
6/28/2011 Lucerne, Switzerland Konzerthaus Schuur w/ Anvil, The Rods
6/29/2011 Milan, Italy  Magazzini Generali w/ The Rods
7/01/2011 Bilbao, Spain  Rockstar Live w/ Anvil, The Rods
7/02/2011 Madrid, Spain  Heineken w/ Anvil, The Rods
7/03/2011 Barcelona, Spain  Bikini w/ Anvil, The Rods

I would hope to see some U.S. dates, but let’s just say those hopes aren’t high as the United States is still too concerned with hip-pop to give this proper respect.  I’m sure there’ll be some dates, but expect to have to travel to major metropolitan areas (I don’t expect anything other than the biggest of the cities).
Is there a better use of profanity?

Also on you can always find new, and limited, merchandise with the proceeds going to Dio’s Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.  I would hope that most in the scene that are able,  support all efforts to eradicate this plague that has been so devastating to young and old, families, and communities (which would include the Heavy Metal Scene).

So now all you Leather-clad, Mullet-sporting, Neck Wrecking, Horn Throwing Warriors of the World unite together for these next two hours, let out a rebel/metal yell of “FUCK CANCER” and let’s pay homage to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, the Mighty Ronnie James Dio:

The proper and appropriate way to throw the horns! Help stop improper usage of the Devil Horns!

Part I

Fozzy (US) - Stand Up and Shout

Dio (US) - Rainbow in the Dark
Dio (US) - The King of Rock and Roll
Rainbow (UK) - Long Live Rock and Roll

Part II

Ronnie & The Redcaps (US) - What I'd Say
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (US) - Swingin' Street
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets (US) - Love Potion No. 9
Pat Boone (US) - Holy Diver (Dio on backing vocals)

Part III

Elf (US) - Gambler, Gambler
Concept of God (US) - Man on the Silver Mountain
Black Sabbath (UK) - The Mob Rules

Part IV

Heaven and Hell (UK) - The Bible Black
Dio (US) - Strange Highways
Dio (US) - Killing the Dragon

Part V

Aurora Borealis (US) - We Rock
Dio (US) - I Speed At Night
Manowar (US) - Heaven and Hell

Part VI

Elf (US) - Black Swampy Water
Stratovarious (Fin) - Kill the King
Black Sabbath (UK) - The Devil Cried

Part VII

Rainbow (UK) - If You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll
Jag Panzer (US) - Children of the Sea
Black Sabbath (UK) - N.I.B.
Dio (US) - One More For The Road

David 'Rock' Feinstein w/ Dio (US) - Metal Will Never Die

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