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Sucking the 70's: Holiday Edition 2011

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Well, 4 for 4 so far this year in Sucking the 70's.  Only one's been very late, I'd have preferred to get this one up yesterday but for whatever reason I procrastinated all day on Sunday and didn't get this beast done.  Finished 'er up last night.  I've had a lot of fun with this and I hope you enjoy the tunes and laughs you should get out of this.  I've cited the movies samples I've used that were longer than a few seconds.  All of the movies I recommend on various levels.

This is the second year I've done the 4/20 Holiday Show.  I got the idea when I was a truck driver listening to Sirius Radio's Hardattak, and "High Times" writer Bobby Black, who also hosted a weekly Stoner Rock show called "Contact High" took over the airwaves that day and just jammed a bunch of rock.  Of course, he had some high profile guests and general debauchery ensued.  Now he did a good job with the music that day, though he really did seem to have a limited catalog, but he was able to take the focus off the music a bit with his access.  Obviously I can't.  So here we have 2 hours of kick-ass tunes, a little comedy and a lot of smoke.

As this is the 4/20 Holiday Edition of Sucking the 70's, I'm going to emphasize my recommendation for documentarian, and former Bill Hicks business partner, Kevin Booth's "How Weed Won the West."  Along with throwing out recommendations for Booth's last movie "American Drug War: The Last White Hope" and the more comedic "Super High Me" from comedian Doug Benson and director Michael Blieden.  The Booth films do a very good job of covering the current struggles for NORMLcy in this country.  Admittedly there is no focus on some of the more legimiate concerns from the opposition, but as one would expect you will get plenty of laughs out of the standard, outrageous, opposition propaganda harpooned by film makers.  I should point out that the film is hosted by Alex Jones.  Now, in most cases where Jones is speaking I just shake my head at the NWO fearmongering. I may not agree with the man most of the time, but I cannot deny his effectiveness in this role.

Enough yapping from me though, get to the tunes:

Hour 1:

Part I

Roadsaw (US-MA) - Too Much Is Not Enough - Roadsaw 2011

Six Shot Revival (US-GA) - Whiskey Bent - Greatest Hits: Vol. 1 2010
Two Joint Lid (US-MI) - Chon-chon - 6 Song EP 2006
Second Gear Grind (NZe) - Stone Bullet - Fistful of Silver 2008
Ramon Zarate (Bel) - Monkey - Oyster 2011

Part II

Sucking the 70's: It's 4:20 Somewhere on 4/20, 4:20 Smokedown

Bongzilla (US-WI) - Weedy Woman - Amerijuanican 2005
Without God (Rus) - Space Weed - Lambs to the Slaughter 2011

Part III

Sucking the 70's: Flashback Tracks

Sir Lord Baltimore (US-NY) - Pumped Up - Kingdome Come - 1970
Bull Angus (US-NY) - Drivin' Me Wild - Free For All - 1972

Part IV

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest

Graveyard (Swe) - Rss - Hisingen Blues 2011
Pentagram (US-VA) - Treat Me Right - Last Rites 2011
The Gates of Slumber (US-IN) - The Scourge of Drunkeness - The Wretch 2011

Trouble (US-IL) - Black Shapes of Doom - Trouble 1990

Hour 2:

Part V

Cathedral (UK) - Heavy Load - Caravan Beyond Redemption 1999
Orchid (US-CA) - Black Funeral - Capricorn 2011
Black Pyramid (US-MA) - Visions of Gehenna - Black Pyramid 2009

Part VI

Sleep (US-CA) - Snowblind (Black Sabbath) - Sleep's Holy Mountain '09 Re-issue
Candlemass (Swe) - Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) - Don't Fear the Reaper 2010

Part VII

Blood Ceremony (Can) - My Demon Brother - Living with the Ancients 2011
Noctum (Swe) - Children of Darkness - Seance 2010
Electric Wizard (UK) - Turn Off Your Mind - Black Masses 2010

Down (US-LA) - Stone the Crow (Live) - Diary of a Mad Band 2010

Movie Samples:

"How Weed Won The West"
Director: Kevin Booth
Performance: Alex Jones
Production: Sacred Cow Productions
Release: 2/2010

"Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"
Director:Jake Kasdan
Performers: John C. Reilly, Tim Meadows
Production: Apatow Productions/Columbia
Release: 12/2007

"The Stöned Age"
Director: James Melkonian
Performance: Michael Kopelow, Bradford Tatum
Production: Trimark Pictures
Release: 12/1994

"Pirate Radio" aka "The Boat That Rocked"
Director: Richard Curtis
Performance: Bill Nighy, Tom Sturridge
Production: Universal
Release: 11/2009

"American Drug War: The Last White Hope" - Referenced Above
"Super High Me" - Referenced Above

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