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Sucking the 70's: July 2011

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A very special "Sucking the 70's" this month, at least for the Marquette area, as last week there was a big Rock/Metal announcement by the real only local music venue not located in a house ;-), my employer Upfront & Company in Marquette, that the national tour of Weedeater (Southern Lord), Saviours (Kemado) Bison BC (Metal Blade), Fight Amp (Translation Loss) would be making it a stop.  Its a special ALL AGES show on September 18th (Sunday), tickets are $10 in advance (here - (906)228-5200) or $12 at the door.  I've driven farther and paid more for a lesser show.  You can preview all the bands on this tour in the first set.

Really this is bigger news for Marquette than some people may realize.  When I was a teen I heard all these stories about Ozzy, Kiss, etc coming and playing Lakeview Arena in the 80's.  Well, I personally remember Def Leppard played there about 15ish years ago.  However, since then, other than a few shows by NAE (who I has fallen victim to playing to the hip-hop monoculture way too often) and First Aid Productions (which has some good people helping out, but I still wonder if they haven't lost the vision of the founders), Marquette has been fairly devoid of any touring Rock/Metal band not travelling completely under the radar (the Upfront does get some very interesting acts including many who have releases on major labels).  There are two big reasons for this, one being the advent of the casino shows in the U.P. (which other than not being in Marquette I can only see as a good thing), and the simple fact that in general entertainer fees have gone up over the last 20 years, but our wages have not.  So Marquette isn't going to be booking Nickelback or Colplay very soon (not going to rule out NAE, but I still guess they don't travel the road of Rock), and that's fine.   Odds are you aren't going to see too many washed up rockers in Marquette either.

However, I know a town that still eats up live music when it can.  Small groups that you can't target every week, but spaced out over time and with many niche groups it can be very profitable.  The advent of the internet has given niche fans more exposure to their music than ever, and that gives those that book shows an opportunity to look at more up and coming artists, and artists that don't have the benefit of RIAA promotional/radio backing (even Sirius Liquid Metal hardly steps outside the RIAA umbrella).   A successful Weedeater show will allow more tours of all genres to come to Marquette, this is an opportunity to remind the Rock World that Marquette still rocks and that bands should want to come here.

Enough of that though, lots of good stuff this month outside of the Weedeater Tour Preview.  New music from Wino's newest project Premonition 13, some early 70's Swedish (or German Rock no I'm not kidding, I have conflicting reports) from a band that (once again) has almost no information available, I'll introduce some more great Michigan Stoner/doom, and of course, its July so the most appropriate tune from Bongzilla in the 4:20 Smokedown.   So get your utensil packed and ready to go, its time for July's Sucking the 70's.

Sucking the 70’s July 2011

Part I

The Grand Astoria (Rus) - Doomsday Party - Omnipresence - 2011

Weedeater Tour Preview!!!

Saviours (US-CA) - Slave to the Hex - Accelerated Living - 2009
Fight Amp (US-MA) - Faith in Man - Manners and Praise - 2009
Bison BC (Can) - Two Day Booze - Dark Ages - 2010 (Only $8)
Weedeater (US-NC) - Mancoon - Jason... the Dragon - 2011

Part II

Sucking the 70’s: 4:20 Smokedown

Bongzilla (US-WI) - Amerijuanican - Amerijuanican - 2005
PSA from Dr. Nophun Anslinger
Acid Bath (US-LA) - Tranquilized - When the Kite String Pops - 1994

Part III

Sucking the 70’s: Flashback Tracks

Propeller (Swe or Ger?) - Let it Rock, Let if Roll - Let Us Live Together - 1971
Orange Goblin (UK) - Just Got Paid (ZZ Top) - Thieving From The House Of God - 2004

Part IV

Sucking the 70's: Devil's Harvest

Buffalo Witch (US-MI) - Titan Death - Buffalo Witch - 2011
Enoch (US-NC) - The Fickle Whims of the Almighty - The Hierophant - 2011
Premonition 13 (US-MD) - Deranged Rock n' Roller - 13 - 2011

Viking Skull (UK) - Crazy Truckers - Heavy Metal Thunder - 2010

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