Saturday, January 2, 2010

Perpetual Winter Production's 2009 Top Albums Extreme Show

Perpetual Winter Productions Top Albums of 2009 - Extreme Show Playlist

  7. Slough Feg (United States - California) - Shakedown at the Six - Ape Uprising - 2009 - Cruz Del Sur

18.  Sacrifice (Canada) - The Ones I Condemn - The Ones I Condemn - 2009 - Marquee Records
20.  Nocturnal (Germany) - Hell Hunt - Violent Revenge - 2009 - Displeased Records
12.  Deströyer 666 (Australia) - I Am Not Deceived - Defiance - 2009 - Season of Mist

19. Shining (Sweden) - Vilseledda Barnasjalars Hemvist - VI: Klagopsalmer - 2009 - Osmose
16.  Beherit (Finland) - All in Satan - Engram - 2009 - Spinefarm

  2.  Impiety (Singapore) - Vientos de Holocausto - Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command) - 2009 - Agonia Records
10.  Razor of Occam (Australia) - Heat of Battle - Homage to Martyrs - 2009 - Metal Blade

15.  Augury (Canada) - The Orphans of Living - Fragmentary Evidence - 2009 - Nuclear Blast Records
  4.  The Chasm (Mexico via Chicago, IL) - The Promised Ravage - Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm - 2009 - Lux Inframundis

17.  Funebrarum (United States - California) - Beyond Recognition - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams - 2009 - Cyclone Empire
  3.   Acheron (United States - Ohio) - Godless (We Are Gods) - The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God - 2009 - Displeased Records

13.  Fondlecorpse (Netherlands) - Don't Feed After Midnight - Creaturegore - 2009 - Razorback Records

The numbers above correspond with where each album fell on my top list.

After listening to my debut podcast I have a few critiques (especially the clear fuck-up at the end of my last voice track, but I'll get to that), but overall I think its turned out fairly well.  Especially considering I haven't done anything like this in 9 months (far too long). I'll be straight up and say that these shows are voice tracked and mixed not recorded live.  Eventually it will lead to a far more professional sounding project (a compressor mic would help too).  As I stated above there is a pretty solid fuck up at the end of my final voice track, but that SOB was so long and I hit it pretty solid up to that point... I wasn't cutting it again.  Just remember 9 month hiatus ;-)....

I was really thinking about how I wanted to do this show since if I did it in order from 1 to 20 or 20 to 1 there would be absolutely no flow.  This is one of my biggest critiques of that nightly joke of an extreme show I used to listen to on Sirius that sounded more like a hodge-podge of bullshit thrown together simply because they had to.  I didn't want that so I figured lets just make the best mix I can from songs from the album.  I decided that it was best for me to break it down into two shows as it would basically have to sound that way anyway with extreme followed by atmospheric or vice versa.  As I type this I have not done the second show yet, as I'm still recovering from idiot patrol on New Year's Eve.

Eventually there will be both 1 hour and 2 hour shows being produced.  I really don't like the single hour format as it really doesn't allow you to really express much, but lots of people don't want 2 hours so... 

Either way this is the beginning of work that is 100% mine, at this point I answer to me, and anyone I choose to answer to will be exactly that my choice.  I hope you fucks enjoy and expect a lot more cool shit coming in future weeks.


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