Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sucking the 70's January 2011


Ah, a new year and hopefully a new commitment to Perpetual Winter Productions.  My goal this year is to have some consistent release dates of projects (and actually getting them done ;-)).  I'm just going to set this one right now, and maybe they're be more later.  However, right now you come on over to on the 20th of every month and you will get the newest installment of Sucking the 70's (though I'd expect the Holiday Edition a little before the greenest holiday of the year).

Lots of good stuff in this show, and only really one fuck up I didn't go back and fix.  In the Part IV, I randomly decided to not mention the track name of the Beam Orchestra track... Well, it's Smoke Doper.  No more BS, here's your tracklisting:


The Obsessed (US-MD) - Bardo - Lunar Womb - 1991

Clutch (US-MD) - The Mob Goes Wild (Live) - Strange Cousins at the Prince (Live in Australia) - 2010

Spirit Caravan (US-MD) - Retroman - Elusive Truth - 2001
Briton Rites (US-GA/CT) - The Right Hand of Doom - For Mircalla - 2010

(End Part I)


Electric Wizard (UK) - Satanic Rites of Drugula - Witchcult Today - 2007
Stonehelm (US-CA) - Deep Space Doom - Stonehelm - 2010  -

(End Part II)


Hawkwind (UK) - Lost Johnny - Hall of the Mountain Grill - 1974
U.S. Christmas (US-NC) - Psychedelic Warlords (Hawkwind) - The Hawkwind Triad - 2010

(End Part III)


Age of Taurus (UK) - Unborn Destroyer - In the Age of the Taurean Empire (Demo) - 2010
Beam Orchestra (Ger) - Smoke Doper - Demo 2010 - 2010 -

Weedeater (US-NC) - Truck Drivin' Man - ....And Justice For Y'all - 2001

Until next month....

Perpetual Winter Productions believes that amateur podcasts do not have to sound amateur.  Podcast recorded with Audacity, Shure Microphones and a Roland UA-4FX.  Tell your other favorite podcasters to quit using $5 microphones from Wal-mart.


More download options coming soon.

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