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Sucking the 70's - March 2010

After I was in radio for a few years doing strictly metal I felt the urge to really start to branch out.  It was around this time that my fascination with progressive and hard rock from about 1967 to 1974.* I’m in the camp that none of the music released during this time is what we would eventually call heavy metal.  Some songs absolute fit eventual molds, but overall the bands were generally just hard rock bands.  They really weren’t doing anything to separate themselves from other hard rock bands.  Blackfoot was heavy metal, so why weren’t Black Oak Arkansas or Lynyrd Skynyrd?  I feel that most of the 70’s “heavy metal” bands were laying the foundation for what we would eventually call stoner rock and, of course, influencing a new sound that we call heavy metal, not just some arbitrary tag.  However, that’s not really an argument I’m looking to start here, I’m just laying out the foundation for the show.  So I took this theory and added modern stoner rock and some traditional/doom.  Anything that really holds that vibe of the 70’s, the music of today that is “Sucking the 70’s.”

Now, I am well aware of the compilation series “Sucking the 70’s” which had two editions (2002 and “Sucking the 70’s: Back in the Saddle Again” released in 2005).  Did I get this name from this compilation?  No, however, it’s irrelevant.  Honestly, what is radio if not a plethora of stolen ideas?  Over the years “Sucking the 70’s” has morphed more into showcasing modern bands with the 70’s vibe along with exposing some of the very underexposed bands of the late 60’s and 70’s.  Of course, some of this also had to do with the streaming radio I was involved with having a strict ban on RIAA material; which I limit here, but don’t outright refuse to use.

There’s all sorts of fun stuff in this one, and a few features.  I may expand out into two one hour blocks as it feels a tad cluttered as a one hour show (with 3 features).  Now, I’m not going to give anything further away, except I’d like to make the suggestion that you start this at the top of an hour.  It’ll make one of the features that much more fun.  So pack one up, put your lips on the piece and start “Sucking the 70’s”


Clutch (US-MD) – Freakanomics – From Beale Street to Oblivion – 2009

Alabama Thunderpussy (US-VA) – R.R.C.C. – Fulton Hill – 2004
Boris (Jap) – 1970 – Heavy Rocks – 2002
Iron Man (US-MD) – Run From the Light – I Have Returned – 2009

Bongzilla (US-WI) – Grim Reefer – Apogee – 2002
Electric Wizard (UK) – Satanic Rites of Drugula – Witchcult Today – 2007

Warpig (Can) – Rock Star – Warpig – 1970
Heaven and Hell (UK) – The Mob Rules – Live At Radio City Music Hall – 2007

Black Pyramid (US-MA) – No Life King – Black Pyramid – 2009
Orange Goblin (UK) – The Man Who Invented Time - Time Travelling Blues – 1999
Goatsnake (US-CA) – Hod Rod (Black Oak Arkansas) – Trampled Under Hoof (EP) – 2004

Church of Misery (Jap) – Cities on Flame With Rock & Roll (Blue Oyster Cult) – Master of Brutality – 2001

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