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I Can't Believe He Died Last Night: A Tribute to Peter Steele


When I woke up on Tax Day, I was planning on watching some Faux News and laughing at the teabaggers.  This did not happen. Now, I lead a bar workers life so I’m up until some ridiculous hours of the night and get up later in the morning.  Life lets me live that way right now so I do, so when I got up it was already confirmed that Peter Steele had died.  I’ve never had a love affair with Type O Negative as some people have, but I’ve also not been one who has written the band off entirely.  Sure, I’m not really a big fan of “Life is Killing Me” as a whole, but you still have two solid tracks from that album in this show.  When memorializing Petrus T. Ratajczyk you can’t just pay attention to Type O Negative.  Obviously the significance of really putting the eventual blight of a label Roadrunner on the map, and having sold millions of records worldwide has put a shadow over Carnivore (and Fallout was about as underground as you can get).  Of course, you cannot deny the significance of Carnivore in the New York Thrash scene, though I’ll be the first to admit that I only have a passing interest in the music. There are definitely some good songs, and I can see where the thrash die-hards are all over it.

I know for a fact that some people will complain that I didn’t include enough Carnivore, but just compare catalog size.  There will also be people who will complain that I didn’t include “Song A” (Love You to Death; yeah, I know), and again I have to say look at the catalog size.  As for Fallout, I had never heard the songs until after his death, but they are rare as hell so I included both.

My first introduction to Type O Negative was back in 1998 when I went to college.  I spent most of my high school years listening to the classics, but when I left the area for college I started to explore modern heavy music.  I had already been wondering where it really was.  If you look back on what I was listening to then, and compare it to what I listen to today there won’t be too many carry-overs.  One of the things that really kept Type O Negative in my good graces were the vocals of Peter Steele.  As a baritone/bass myself I really have a thing for a solid vocalist in that range and Peter Steele was that, and more.

In 2007 when I was an over the road truck driver I was taking a break in Springfield, MO and saw that Type O Negative had released a new CD.  Rasputin was on the cover, and that was one of the few weekends that I actually had some disposable income, so I just bought it.  I didn’t really know what to expect (you’ve read my thoughts on the previous release), but I was pretty blown away.  “Dead Again” really grabbed me from track one.  There were many nights I kept myself awake on the road by singing the title track.  I’m quite disappointed that there won’t be a follow up, I was definitely looking forward to seeing where this crew was going to go.

So here ya go:

I Can’t Believe He Died Last Night:  A Tribute to the Works of Peter Steele

January 14, 1962 – April 14, 2010  R.I.P.

Petrus J. Ratacjyk

Broken down into 6 parts:

Part I:

Type O Negative - Dead Again - Dead Again - 2007

Fallout - Rock Hard - Rock Hard/Batteries Not Included 7" - 1981
Carnivore - U.S.A. for U.S.A. - U.S.A. for U.S.A. (EP) -1986
Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend - October Rust - 1996

Part II:

Type O Negative - Unsuccesfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity - Slow, Deep and Hard - 1991
Type O Negative - Pain - The Origin of the Feces - 1992
Type O Negative - Christian Woman - Bloody Kisses - 1993

Part III:

Carnivore - Carnivore - Carnivore - 1985
Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me - Life is Killing Me - 2003
Iommi w/ Peter Steele - Just Say No to Love - Iommi - 2000

Part IV:

Fallout - Batteries Not Included - Rock Hard/Batteries Not Included 7" - 1981
Carnivore - Sex and Violence - Retaliation - 1987
Type O Negative - Angry Inch - Life is Killing Me - 2003
Type O Negative - Halloween in Heaven - Dead Again 2007

Part V:

Type O Negative - Back in the U.S.S.R. (Beatles) - Bizarre Types (Bootleg) - 2000
Type O Negative - Santana Medley (Evil Ways/Oye Como Va/Black Magic Woman) - Symphony for the Devil DVD - 2006
Type O Negative - Black Sabbath (From a Satanic Perspective) - Nativity in Black - 1994

Part VI:

Type O Negative - Everyone I Love is Dead - World Coming Down - 1999
Type O Negative - Druidess - October Rust - 1996

Type O Negative - Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All)(Radio Edit) - Bloody Kisses - 1993

I put it in a .zip format so nobody should be confused and try to play it without completely downloading it:


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