Monday, April 19, 2010

Sucking the 70's - Holiday Edition 4/20

Mediafire 4:20

Once again that time is upon us.  The news is going to be covering the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, the 11th anniversary of Columbine and ignoring that its Hitler’s Birthday.  However, all of those things around this date are irrelevant to the legions of connoisseurs of the green.    It is on the date of 4/20 each year when those folks just want to get catatonic and hang out with like minds.  Well, here’s a soundtrack for your 4 O’clock hour (start it at 4 and the 4:20 smokedown is perfect).  Stoner Rock/70’s rock is without a doubt some of the best smoking music, and I threw in some killer tracks for this special Holiday Edition of Sucking the 70’s:

Part I

Cathedral (UK) – Vampire Sun – The Carnival Bizarre – 1995

Sleep (US) – Dragonaut – Sleep’s Holy Mountain – 1993
Blood Ceremony (Can) – Into the Coven – Blood Ceremony – 2008
Snail (US) – Hard Lung – Snail – 1993

4:20 Smokedown
Bongzilla (US) – Hemp for Victory – Hemp for Victory (EP) - 1998
Eyehategod (US) - $30 Bag – Take As Needed For Pain – 1993

Part II

Earthride (US) – Mr. Green – Taming the Demons – 2002

Sucking the 70’s Flashback Track
Black Sabbath (UK) – Sweet Leaf (Live) – Recorded Ontario, California 1974
Blue Cheer (US) – Rollin’ Dem Bones – What Doesn’t Kill You – 2007
Monster Magnet (US) – Tractor – Powertrip – 1998

Kyuss (US) – Katzenjammer – Wretch - 1991

Mediafire 4:20

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